The AFOYI Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony service can provide your home or business with a professional grade voice telephone service for a fraction of the cost of the larger telecommunication providers. None of AFOYI VoIP services have a monthly "line rental" fee or minimum commitment, although higher call volumes do provide a discounted call rate.

The VoIP Termination Service allows you to make outbound national, mobile and international phone calls to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) from your SIP enabled soft-phone, hard-phone or PBX. The VoIP Origination Service allows you to receive incoming phone calls from the PSTN. All AFOYI VoIP Services include termination services and origination services can be added if required.

Home and Very Small Business Users

Home users, and very small businesses, typically have a cordless or wired phone connected to a standard analog phone line. For these clients, we are able to supply a small device, called an ATA, which is connected inline between the phone line and phone, similar to an ADSL filter.

For incoming calls, the ATA device will route the incoming call through to the attached phone, exactly the same as incoming calls work now. If you subscribe to a VoIP Origination service, incoming calls to the origination number will be routed by our softswitch to your ATA which will then ring the attached phone, bypassing the analog phone line.

When an outbound call is made, the ATA will route the call over your broadband Internet connection to our SIP softswitch, also bypassing the analog phone line, and saving you money on the phone call.

The majority of savings enjoyed by home and small business users come from the reduced costs of calls compared to their existing carrier. The pricing table below includes comparison costs from Australia's largest carrier. If you have a Cable Internet or Naked ADSL or NBN service, we are able to port your existing phone number to our origination service which will also save you money on the monthly line rental.

Business Users

Small and medium businesses typically have a number of analog or ISDN phone lines connected to a PBX service. For these clients, AFOYI is able to supply either a virtual PBX service or full hardware PBX which is SIP capable.

Once a VoIP enabled PBX system is in use, the business can generally reduce the number of phone lines they are leasing from their existing carrier down a single line - for their ADSL, building alarm and EFTPOS machines.

The savings enjoyed come from both the reduced call rates and also savings in line rental. Reducing from 4 voice and 1 fax line down to a single fax line can save over $120 per month without any change in call patterns.

Pricing Details

Please see the VoIP Calling Rates page to find the exact rate based on checking a phone number you can enter.

The following pricing applies for the AFOYI VoIP origination and termination services, with a comparison to the equivalent Telstra services. .

Tier 1Tier 2HomeLine CompleteBusinessLine Complete
Setup Fee $0 $0 $59 - $299 $59 - $299
Line Rental $0 $0 $31.95 / month $43.95 / month
Origination Number Rental $5 / number $5 / number included in line rental included in line rental
Minimum Volume for Entitlement $0 $500 / month  -  -
Local Calls 13c* 12c* 22c* 22c*
STD Calls 13c* 12c* 45c + 20c/min 45c + 22c/min
Mobile Calls 16.5c + 22c/min 16.5c + 20c/min 45c + 36c/min 45c + 36c/min
Line Hunt included included Not Available $3.55 / line
Caller ID included included $6 / month unknown

Rates marked with an asterisk (*) are untimed.

International Rates

The following is a sampling of the International call rates, with a comparison to the equivalent Telstra services:

Tier 1Tier 2HomeLineBusinessLine
(All Calls)
16.5c 16.5c 45c 45c
New Zealand 3.6c / min 3.3c / min 21c / min 31c / min
United Kingdom 1.5c / min 1.3c / min 21c / min 34c / min
United States 1.9c / min 1.6c / min 21c / min 31c / min
China 2.4c / min 2.2c / min 75c / min 97c / min
Thailand 3.7c / min 3.4c / min 85c / min 97c / min
Israel 3.3c / min 3.0c / min 45c / min 61c / min
Papua New Guinea $1.53 / min $1.27 / min $1.98 / min $2.20 / min

All prices except the flagfall are shown per minute. AFOYI charges per second, Telstra charges per 60s block.

Call Costing Examples

The following are some example call cost comparisons between the AFOYI VoIP service and the Telsta home and business lines. All of the example calls originate in Adelaide.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Adelaide any 13c 12c 22c 22c
Sydney 6:03
13c 12c $1.85 $1.99
United States 1:18:12
$1.61 $1.41 $17.04 $24.94
China 13:45
49c 46c $10.95 $14.03