Hosting Solutions

General Website Hosting

Our General Website and Email Hosting service allows your business or social group to stake out your territory on the Internet with your own website and email domain. The General Hosting service gives you dedicated space on our shared hosting platform and allows you to manage your own website content and email addresses.

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Virtual Private Servers

If you need a bit more than our General Hosting can provide, our Virtual Private Servers are designed with performance and reliability in mind. With dedicated disk space and RAM, they are ideal for larger sites or running custom software and can easily and painlessly be upgraded as your requirements change.

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Network and Service Monitoring

Do you know that your website and email services are operating correctly? How about that your servers are not overloaded, or the hard drives failed? Using the same system we use to monitor our own services, our Network and Service Monitoring service can automatically keep an eye on them for you and notify you immediately in the event of any issue. Supporting both network and agent based probe types, the service is able to monitor virtually any aspect of your system's availability and performance.

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Voice over IP

The AFOYI Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony service can provide your home or business with a professional grade voice telephone service for a fraction of the cost of the larger telecommunication providers. None of AFOYI VoIP services have a monthly "line rental" fee or minimum commitment, although higher call volumes do provide a discounted call rate.

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