Maintain peace of mind knowing your website and email servers are working properly and serving your visitors with our monitoring service using, the same system we use to monitor our own services. Receive an email notification immediately when any problems are detected. We even support monitoring servers hosted by other providers or at your office.

Supporting both network and agent based probe types, the service is able to monitor virtually any aspect of your server's availability and performance.

The network based probes monitor your server by attempting to connect to it over the Internet and providing alerts if this cannot be done. Examples of network based probes include monitoring web and email servers, SSH and RDP terminal servers, DNS servers, etc. For some of the network based probes, such as the web and DNS server probes, the system is also able to check the contents of the reply to ensure things are working correctly.

The agent based probes are able to monitor services on your system that are not available over the Internet, such as database servers, and also other system performance metrics such as CPU and RAM utilisation, free disk space and network throughput.

A very comprehensive monitoring solution can be put in place using a combination of network and agent based checks.

Setup Fee$99.95
Monthly Fee - 10 hosts$29.95 per month
Monthly Fee - 25 hosts$49.95 per month
Monthly Fee - unlimited hosts$99.95 per month
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