If you need a bit more than our General Hosting can provide, our Virtual Private Servers are designed with performance and reliability in mind. With dedicated disk space and RAM, they are ideal for larger sites or running custom software and can easily and painlessly be upgraded as your requirements change.

Our Virtual Private Servers are hosted on our HP c-Class Blade System cluster which allows VPS guests to be live migrated to different physical servers within the cluster with absolutely no down-time for the guest. This increases the uptime and reliability of the VPS service as you are no longer dependant on the reliability of a single host server.

AFOYI is also able to provide firewall services to your VPS, which protects your VPS from malicious activity on the Internet. Firewall rules can be customised as required to incoming or outgoing traffic to certain ports, IP addresses or combinations of the above.

The service includes root access to your VPS, zero setup fees, DNS hosting for up to five domains and an unmanaged offsite backup service quota half the size of your VPS drive.

CPUs Single Xeon Dual Xeon Dual Xeon Quad Xeon
Disk Space 8Gb 16Gb 32Gb 64Gb
Public Network Ports 1x Gigabit 1x Gigabit 1x Gigabit 1x Gigabit
Private VLAN Yes, 1x Gigabit Yes, 1x Gigabit Yes, 1x Gigabit Yes, 1x Gigabit
Monthly Bandwidth 100Gb 250Gb 500Gb 1000Gb
IPv4 Addresses 1 Usable 1 Usable 5 Usable 12 Usable
IPv6 Addresses 18 Million Usable (/64 subnet)
Backup Space


($12.50 value)


($20 value)


($30 value)


($40 value)

Setup Fee $0 $0 $0 $0
Monthly Fee $35 $50 $100 $150

Please note network ports include 1x public and 1x private port. Access to the offsite backup space does not contribute towards monthly quota if traffic is sent over the private VLAN.

Optional Extras

Extra RAM $25 / month per GB
Extra Disk Space $5 / month per 8Gb
Extra Bandwidth Usage (Prepaid) $1 / month per Gb
Firewall Services $50 / month
Excess Data Usage (Postpaid) $1.50 / month per Gb

Please note that exceeding the monthly bandwidth usage quota will result in an invoice being issued on the first day of the following month for the excess amount. We are only able to upgrade your VPS to a higher bandwidth quota at least 7 days prior to the end of month.