The AFOYI Offsite Backup service can be configured either as a managed service, where we manage the backups on your servers and the replication to our offsite data store, or an unmanaged service, where we provide you with direct access to the offsite data store and how you access that is up to you.


The core of the AFOYI Offsite Backup Service is the primary data store. This is a dedicated area on the storage network that powers our hosting platform that has been specifically allocated for the offsite service. The quota you purchase is allocated to your service with zero contention, unlike other providers who sell the same space to multiple clients hoping not everyone fully utilises their allocation.

In order to provide complete redundancy of your vital data against the unlikely event of issues with our primary data store location, it is automatically synchronised with two further locations daily. This ensures that your data is completely protected.

The data store is completely agnostic about the type of data that is stored. If protection of the data is required, your system can be configured to automatically encrypt any data that is uploaded.

Fully Managed

The Fully Managed service is designed for our clients where we manage their office file server and teams up a backup process running locally on the file server with the offsite data store. The server is configured to perform a complete backup every day during a low usage period (generally overnight) and then automatically synchronises that with the offsite data store.

We manage the configuration of the backup system on your server and perform daily checks to ensure the backup task has completely successfully. The annual fee includes an unlimited number of file restorations from your file server if this should be required.

In the event of a problem which renders your office file server inaccessible (eg, hardware failure, theft or fire) and a replacement is purchased through us, we will pre-load the data from the offsite backup onto the server before delivery, minimising the amount of downtime required.


The Unmanaged service provides you with direct access to the data store using either Rsync or Secure FTP (SFTP). You are responsible for configuring your systems to upload data to the data store and for retrieving data as required.

There are special quota levels of 2Gb, 4Gb and 8Gb available with the Unmanaged service designed for use as a remote drive. For Windows users, there are multiple third party programs available which allow the data store to be mounted as a drive letter.

Data Store Cloning

We are able to provide an exact copy of the contents of your data store on a hard drive – a clone of the data store. This service is available to both Fully Managed and Unmanaged service clients.

The clone is taken from the secondary data store location, the contents of which may lag behind the primary data store location by up to 24 hours and it is important to note that as the cloning service provides an exact clone of the contents of the data store, if the data that has been uploaded to the data store was encrypted prior to uploading, the clone will also be encrypted.

There is a one time fee for this service each time it is utilised and the fee includes the purchase price of the drive and shipping or delivery of the drive to your office. This service is generally performed within 2 business days of the order confirmation.


The following is the pricing information for this service. Higher quotas are available on request.

Setup Fee $750 $500
Data Store Clone (inc drive) $250 $250
2Gb Quota n/a $150 / year
4Gb Quota n/a $250 / year
8Gb Quota n/a $350 / year
16Gb Quota $750 / year $500 / year
32Gb Quota $1100 / year $750 / year
64Gb Quota $1500 / year $1000 / year
128Gb Quota $2300 / year $1500 / year