Vera component of the Vera Presence Sensor plugin. This component is the plugin that is installed on the Vera unit to provide a triggerable sensor to indicate the monitored device is present.

This Presence Sensor has two components - a plugin for Vera that provides a new virtual device type for keeping track of presence states and a Raspberry Pi that does the actual polling and updates the virtual devices as changes are noted.

The Presence Sensor Virtual Device was modelled on Ping Sensor and allows the presence or absence of the monitored device to be used as a trigger for scenes or PLEGs. It was written to be used with the Raspberry Pi image outlined below, but should be usable with anything that can send HTTP requests to the Vera unit to update the status (such as apps like Tasker).

To install the plugin, unzip the plugin files and upload to your Vera unit using the Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup Files function.

Once the files have been uploaded and Vera has restarted, you will need to create one or more devices. Go to Apps -> Develop Apps -> Create device. Set Description to the name you want the device to be called (Bob's iPhone) and the Upnp Device filename to "D_PresenceSensor.xml"

If you are using my Raspberry Pi image, on the settings tab of the device page you need to enter the Bluetooth MAC address of the device you want to monitor and whether it's a bluetooth device or iBeacon. How to find this MAC address is left to an exercise of the reader - there are numberous bluetooth scanners for both major phone platforms.

The plugin has been tested on UI7. I believe it should also work on UI5, but I don't have any UI5 systems to test.


  • Linux ( - 6.9┬áKB)

Check the archive for older versions of the application.


8th Jul 2016 - Version 0.1.0

Initial release

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