Did you know that the Internet is running out of IP addresses - the addresses used by the computers, routers and servers on the Internet to route your web pages and emails from the server to you? In fact, within the Asia Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, the body that allocates addresses to service providers reached their last block of addresses on the 15th April 2011, meaning they have effectively run out.

This does not mean that the existing Internet is going to break or stop working, but that it will soon no longer able to grow any larger. Internet Service Providers cannot add more broadband customers without causing problems and website hosting companies will not be able to host any new websites.

In order to solve this problem, new addressing scheme was required. This was created as version 6 of the Internet Protocol (IPv6 - the current version is IPv4). Upgrading to allow both IPv4 and IPv6 connections can require a lot of work on the part of service providers and large numbers of them have not even begun the process yet!

AFOYI is pleased to advise that allĀ of our hosting services are IPv6 enabled, including:

  • Our corporate website and email servers
  • Email spam filtering service
  • Co-location and Dedicated Server services
  • Virtual Private Server services
  • Shared Hosting services
  • Domain Name Server services (including management and authoriative servers)
  • VoIP Hosted PBX services
We are still working on getting the following services fully IPv6 ready:
  • VoIP Termination and Origination gateways
  • Virtual Private Network services
Before signing up for any Internet related service or purchasing hardware that connects to the Internet or your local network, ask your vendor about their IPv6 support and only support those that are looking to the future!