Newsletter Generator for St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria) divisions.

***Note: This application has now been deprecated due to St John Victoria decommissioning MSJ***

This application is a small program for divisional Operations / Operation Support Officers within St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria) East region to allow them to quickly and easily generate their weekly divisional newsletters.

Duty data can quickly be pasted in directly from MSJ or duty tables in emails from other divisions or MEST. Duty data for duties the local division requires assistance with can easily be exported to the clipboard for pasting into emails for sending to other divisions (which can then just be pasted into their copy of the application ).

Once the data is ready, the application will generate an Microsoft Word file to allow fine tuning of the content (eg, minor formatting changes to highlight some data) and then Word can be used to export a PDF file for emailing to members.

The application supports reading in an existing empty Word file for use as a template. In this way the file structure can be customised without needing changes made in the application. This can include headers/footers, style settings, etc.

The application remembers all data entered and will continue from where it left off next time it is started.


  • MacOS (SJAAV_Divisional_Newsletters-3.3.dmg - 26.7 MB)
  • MacOS (SJAAV_Divisional_Newsletters-3.3_ekLtRCK.dmg - 26.8 MB)
  • Windows - 32bit (newsletters-3.3-setup.exe - 10.8 MB)
  • Windows - Standalone (newsletters-3.3-sa.exe - 14.0 MB)

Check the archive for older versions of the application.


26th May 2019 - Version 3.3

  • Ensure error handling code does not trigger a nested error by not having a default message to display
  • Updated contact email address for support
  • Update version of Python used to 3.7
  • Switch issue tracker to new platform
  • Resolve issue with validation of dates
  • Display state and regional training courses separately from regular duties

16th Aug 2018 - Version 3.2

  • Show regional and state duties if there is a local member attending

14th Aug 2018 - Version 3.1

  • Show quoted events for local duties
  • Add preference for whether to show community transport shifts on the state duty list
  • Set default value for preferences in the database so it's used elsewhere when we want it

3rd Jul 2018 - Version 3.0

  • Update to wxWidgets 4.0.3
  • Add workaround for incorrectly installed MSJ security certificate

16th Nov 2017 - Version 2.4.0

  • Improved data validation handling member count for local duties
  • Improved data validation for date time fields on MacOS

22nd May 2017 - Version 2.3.0

  • Remember MSJ username. Note, application will not remember password for security reasons.
  • Prevent reporting issues if application is not latest version. If an issue occurs and you are not running the latest version please upgrade to see if the issue has been fixed already.
  • Add preference for the user's name and email address. These details are used when reporting issues so the developers can follow up if required.
  • Force preference dialog open to enter the above preferences.

16th May 2017 - Version 2.2.0

  • Add an encoded string containing all help required duty data to the information copied to the clipboard. This string can be copied back to be processed by the application instead of the table data.
  • Handle date/time objects on training tab better.
  • Output plain text for the training strings if the 'Emphasis' style is not available in the Word template file.
  • Do not assume roster data includes all local duties as this does not hold true for duties that are still quoted or allocated but not accepted.
  • Fix a crash relating to closing the progress dialog before retrieve data from MSJ is complete.

25th Apr 2017 - Version 2.1.0

  • Use white on red text for red highlighted duties to improve legibility.
  • Parse Operations Roster page for member rosters instead of checking roster for each PDN separately from the events list page.
  • Show members from local duties attending state events. Removes showing allocated divisions / regions.
  • Prompt user to refresh roster when retrieving event list if not done this session.
  • Do not show local duties co-allocated in regional list or local and regional in co-allocated state lists.
  • Add preference to not show member names in duty lists. User may opt to instead show contents of 'requirements' field.
  • Add a new data tab to allow adding arbitrary sections to generated newsletter. Simple formatting. See manual for information.
  • Show full date (include day name) in tooltip over date cells in the data tables.
  • Add ability to automatically report errors to the developer if a crash occurs. Provides a ticket number for follow up.
  • Miscellaneous data validation improvements
  • Miscellaneous UI layout tweaks
  • Miscellaneous code cleanups

18th Apr 2017 - Version 2.0.0

  • Add support for automatically downloading information from MSJ

28th Mar 2017 - Version 1.1.0

  • Don't show the help required heading if there's no duties in the table.
  • Add support for shading background colour of cells.

14th Nov 2016 - Version 1.0

  • If there is no local template file, load an embedded template instead of a blank one.
  • Clear any existing paragraphs out of the Word template before populating it.
  • Do not build 64 bit version.
  • Remove 32 bit suffix from setup filename.
  • Build and upload a standalone version of the application.

8th Jun 2016 - Version 0.2

  • Created build file / installer for MacOSX. For Windows, this version is identical to 0.1.1.

8th Jun 2016 - Version 0.1.1

  • Minor spelling corrections in a few places.

1st Jun 2016 - Version 0.1

Initial release version.

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